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I started Catswhisker Pickups many moons ago when most if not all quality replacement pickups came from across the Atlantic. I probably share the experience of many having shelled out for what were at the time mass produced pickups which only occasionally met my expectations and an expensive and protracted process usually ensued resulting in a drawer full of pickups that neither I nor anyone else really wanted. I actually made my first pickups when I was 11 years old (really) sitting on my Dad’s sofa winding a bit of wire  taken from old telecom relays around a wooden former, trying to keep count as I did it.Magnets came from old MOD gear that I bought with pocket money from the local indoor market. Crude, but they worked and were soon installed on the my first home made plank of a guitar which looked vaguely like an SG, which turned out to be even more abstract when I actually got to see the real thing. As soon as a few basic bits became available from the USA, I had a go at making some “real” pickups which surprisingly sounded pretty good. The way that I design and construct pickups  is always evolving but with a clear focus upon delivering  quality hand wound pickups at rational prices. The proprietry components that you will find in my pickups are common to the majority of handwound pickups in the market, other components are made by myself from raw materials. I supply the majority of standard format pickups, bespoke pickups shoe horned into those formats and completely custom designed pickups. It would be a fair task to incorporate every type of pickup that I have made so I have posted a representative selection drawn from the last twenty or so years, however if you don’t see what you are looking for please ask. Good tone doesn’t have to cost a fortune (neither do custom designs).
Catswhisker Pickups