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“PAF”  Bridge 8.1k, Neck 7.6k           Classic Bridge 8.6k, Neck 7.9k ‘72 Classic Bridge 13.2k, Neck 12.5k            Custom 13.5k up to 26k The standard magnet for the PAF, Classic and 72 Classic pickups is cast Alnico 5, although Alnico 2,3, and 4 are available as alternatives. “PAF” and “Classic” pickups are wound with 42AWG copper wire, the exception being the 72 Classic which  despite it’s higher resistance has the same output as the 8.8k and 8.4k Classics but with a more focused bottom end  and a little extra in the mid range. Ideal for trem equiped guitars or if you simply want a more punchy sound without sacrificing the top end. All variants are available in 50, 52 or 52.8mm spacing and open coil or with covers.
S-BUCKER Designed specifically to produce a realistic single coil tone without the marked drop in output experienced with standard format humbuckers and of course to produce a good humbucking tone as well - classic humbucking tone with a bit of extra sparkle. The slug coil features a special winding and alnico slug magnets, a bar magnet links the two coils together for the humbucking output. The S-Bucker has a very different  wiring arrangement to a regular humbucker and a DP/DT switch (toggle or push/pull) is essential to operate it. Available with or without a cover, bridge or neck position. Output in humbucking mode is slightly above what you would expect for a PA
T-BUCKER 2 Essentially a split single coil pickup, two 3 pole coils arranged in a humbucker case to produce a nice twangy hum free pickup with plenty of bite. Standard magnets are Alnico 5 but Alnicos 2 and 3 are available upon request. The T-Bucker 2 is available only in covered format.
WRHB A drop in replacement for the modern look alikes that are really regular humbuckers in disguise and consequently sound little like the originals. The WRHB features individual threaded visible pole magnets, solid rod concealed magnets, hand machined bobbins and reflector plate in a nickel silver case. Supplied as standard with a four core shielded cable as these pickups are capable of producing some nice split tones. I also offer a conversion service for your existing RI pickups which involves the complete replacement of the internal parts of the pickup whist retaining your cover and base plate.
JAZZ-M WRHB A WRHB in a Jazz M cover! Same internal construction as the WRHB but with a black, cream or white plastic cover. Pole spacing is tweaked to match your guitar. Again, two or four core cable options.
RANGER DLX The Ranger DLX is a regular humbucker size variant of the WRHB. Featuring the same basic internal format with six visible individual threaded magnet poles and six hidden slug poles, the Ranger DLX produces a brighter, lower output than the full size WRHB with loads of sparkle and chime. Supplied as standard with a cover but available as open coil upon request.
CATRONIC A drop in replacement for original G style pickups, available in three flavours: Catronic-1 Neck 4.2k, bridge 4.8k Catronic-2 Neck 7.0k, bridge 7.8k Catronic-3 Neck 7.8k, bridge 8.4k
MINIHUMBUCKER Available as shown (Model-F) with twin bar magnets and keeper plate, enclosed cover or with six exposed pole screws and single bar magnet (Model-MHB).
LITTLE LION Soapbar sized humbucker with a choice of windings and magnets to suit your needs. Available with black or cream covers
DOGEAR AND JM STYLE HUMBUCKERS DE Humbucker to the left and JM Humbucker to the right. Both available with all of the winding and magnet options as my standard humbuckers.